Natal Chart

A Natal Chart, or Birth Chart, is the basis of Astrology. It consists of a diagram representing the positions of the planets and mathematical points that were present in the sky at the moment of a person's birth and through interpretation of symbols it describes a person's physical, mental and emotional characteristics, strong points and personal challenges as well as possibilities and probabilities for all areas of life and more.

The universe is a reflection of itself on many levels and its structures and patterns repeat themselves over and over like fractals. The planets can be looked at as a mirror or a synchronized clock, repeating the same patterns we see in our lives on a higher octave. The arrangement of planets reflects a certain quality or energy present at a given moment and when you are born, you "capture" this specific moment in time and space, along with its qualities, and begin experiencing life through them. The planets do not cause you to be the way you are, they simply show you the qualities you inherited from that moment in time, and these qualities can be observed and decoded through a Natal Chart.

Natal Chart of film director David Lynch

Natal Chart of film director David Lynch

A Natal Chart is a powerful tool for self-awareness and self-improvement, it provides orientation that is unique and specific for you and even instructions for what, when and how to do or not do something, what to avoid, what to capitalize on, and what to focus on in order to create long term happiness and satisfaction.

If you have never done any kind of astrological reading or consultation, a Natal Chart is the one to start with.

How does it work?

Our consulting sessions have a duration of approximately 1 hour and can be done via Skype, Hangouts, Discord or telephone.It can also be done in person at one of our offices or temporary attendance locations depending on our schedule. For the duration of the Covid19 pandemic, our consulting services are done exclusively online. The contents of the online session are identical to the presential session and the results and benefits are also the same.

For a Natal Chart to be effective, it is necessary that you have your correct birth information including date, location and time of birth down to the minute.

We will use your birth information to create your personal Natal Chart and schedule a meeting time and place for the session to take place. After the session, you will receive an email containing the Chart drawing as well as a recording of the consultation. You will also be able to contact us for follow up questions and/or additional assistance.

Natal Chart consultation



  • Chart images and drawings
  • 1-hour live session with Astrologer Lilian C Moraes
  • Complete audio recording
  • Access to follow up and support



What if i don't know my birth time?
A margin of error of 10 to 15 minutes is acceptable but you will risk receiving inaccurate or even misleading information. If you don't know your birth time down to the minute, we highly recommend that you seek a Birth Time Rectification service. A Birth Time Rectification is a technique that can narrow down your birth time to the minute by cross checking data from important events that happened in your life. We do not offer this service at the moment but feel free to contact us for recommendations of professionals specialized in this field.

How many times do i have to do this?
A Natal Chart consultation only needs to be done once, unless you would like a second reading a few years down the road or if you lose your original recording.

What kind of information can i get from a Natal Chart consultation?
The consultation will explain to you the very essence of your life, who you are as a being, what you were born to become, what is your ideal life purpose, how to overcome your life-long difficulties, how to handle sensitive topics, where to invest your time and energy in order to grow and avoid becoming stagnant, as well as a look at your health issues, love life and professional life. You are also free to ask questions and request guidance for specific topics.

Is this about fate/fortune telling?
No. A Natal Chart is like a personal instructions manual, detailing what you are naturally aligned to. You create your own fate with your decisions and actions, and your Natal Chart offers guidance for your decision making. Astrology does not dictate your fate but can foresee outcomes based on your actions and help direct you to obtain positive results.

Everything you told me was wrong, why?
Astrology can only be as accurate as your birth time, if your birth time is wrong, everything will be wrong. There are cases where government IDs and even hospital certificates have the wrong birth times recorded due to a variety of reasons. If you suspect your birth time is wrong, we recommend you do a Birth Rectification.

Why should i bother with any of this? Astrology is not real.
We have clients who are skeptics, yet they still seek us regularly. Our Astrology services are result oriented and results speak louder than beliefs.